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Areas of expertise:

Industrial Robot Programming, PLC Programming, Server Hardware Sales, Server Setup, Certified SolidWorks PDM Admin, ERP/MRP System Setup, SQL, Schematic Design, BOM Generation, Project Management Documentation, Email Setup, Domain Setup, Machine Vision Programming, Panel Building, Electrical Design, Mechanical Drafting, Custom Programming, Machine Wiring Cleanup, Control Cabinet Cleanup, Wire Harness Design, Wire Harness Fabrication, PCB Design, PCB Assembly Fabrication, Remote IT Management and Outsourced IT


Engineering Services

  • Electrical System Design (and Fabrication)

  • Control Cabinet Design and Fabrication/Panel Building

  • Prototype Qty PCB Assembly (PCB and Components)

  • Wire Harness Fabrication

  • Electrical Sub Assembly Fabrication

  • Industrial Robot Programming (Certified Programmers)

  • PLC Programming and Troubleshooting

  • Machine Vision Programming

  • Machine Wiring Cleanup, Control Cabinet Cleanup, Wire Numbering and Documentation

  • Documentation Services: Elec Schematic Creation, Elec Sub Assembly Documentation

  • Documentation Services: Mechanical 2D Drafts, 3D Models, Assembly Documents

  • Documentation Services: Bill of Materials Generation, Project Documentation, Etc. 


IT Services

  • Hardware Sales (Servers, Networking Gear, Etc.)

  • Server System Design and Site Commission

  • Internal Network Design and Site Commission

  • Hardware Setup of new or existing hardware

  • Remote IT Management Service Packages

  • PDM System Setup (Certified SolidWorks PDM Admin)

  • ERP System Cleanup/Setup

  • SQL Services/Remote Management

-IT Services & IT Consulting-

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